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Almost Out of Grace

Almost Out of Grace
This book is designed to change your thinking on how you handle relationships....





“David Yanez has approached a subject that is not easy to explain and deal with. He has so much insight and perception on dating and choosing a mate. He was obviously lead and quickened of God to deal with this matter. It is one area that every teen and adult deals with, but most often travels through in the dark. You ‘hope’ you land on your feet. “Falling in Love” is just that. It is an uncharted course so filled with excitement and dangers. A broken heart is a very serious experience. Once a mate is chosen there is alifetime of working everything out. It never stops. If you read this book you will get some very helpful guidance from someone who has obviously experienced it’s joys and potential pitfalls. It is filled with excellent advice, and sensible, tender and bold counsel for those who are embarking on this blissful journey. A very helpful and worthy book to read that could definitely save you some severe heartache and probably a whole lot of money.”


 Gerald Davis, D.D.
Overflowing Cup Ministries

The Book Almost Out of Grace, by David Yanez, would be a blessing to anyone, lost or saved. Many people have problems in relationships, even seasoned believers.  Almost Out of Grace reveals spiritual, practical and helpful advice for virtually any relationship issue.  I heartily recommend to you Almost Out of Grace.

 David Hope
Sr. Pastor, Metro Church
Humble, Texas



Almost Out of Grace brings to light the importance of God in your Christian relationships. Many of us have had obstacles, pitfalls and much heart ache in our search for the one mister or miss's right.

This book covers many problems that occur during dating and marriage. We focus on the heart when aligned with God will keep you from the ultimate hurt and despair many feel when waiting for that special someone.

God knows the hurt you feel. He also knows that it hurts to wait for someone special in your life. Almost Out of Grace shares personal and spiritual insights of Gods view and position on several relationship problems.

After talking to people from across this nation about their relationships. I truly understand the hurt of the heart from coast to coast through difficult relationships. I wrote this book after doing a four month relationship series on my talk show "Midwatch with the Rev". Listeners called in with so much hurt in their heart that I knew then that I needed to help heal them with the truth of relationships from not only God's word but also spiritual insight.

I believe this book can not only answer questions but also put you on the right path of healing your hurt. Many of us get into relationships that make us into a different person. We do things out of context of our true Christian behavior. Many times after a bad relationship we don't recognize ourselves anymore. Almost out of Grace deals with those issues. This book is designed to change your thinking on how you handle relationships....Get your copy today!

God Bless,

Dr. David Yanez

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