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Almost Out of Grace
This book is designed to change your thinking on how you handle relationships....

David Yanez brings his latest help to realtionships with a new book titled "Almost Out of Grace"


David Yanez is a leading faith and spiritual entrepreneur for the gospel reaching the world through preaching, media, books, missions and broadcasting.   Founder of Revelation Ministries, which operates David Yanez Ministries, a global missions and healing service ministry. RevMedia Network an online broadcasting ministry reaching millions, RevMedia Publishing a Christian publishing ministry reaching the world with books and magazines through printed and digital editions, and RevLife a global orphanage ministry and feed program.


Dr. David Yanez "The Rev" has been preaching the gospel since he was sixteen years old. God has used him in the Navy and throughout our nation to deliver healing, hope and salvation to many. In his early twenties he interned with a missions ministry from India to help the 1.5 billion in India and Asia that don't know Jesus.


In his early thirties he started hosting a popular radio show called Midwatch with the Rev. Thousands listen online and through the airwaves from coast to coast.

Today he continues in ministry as a pastor, author, radio host and evangelist through the ministy he founded Revelation Ministries a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.
He holds relationship webinars, seminars and conferences around the nation. Constantly involved in missions through building Bible Colleges, hosting crusades and pastor's conferences around the world through David Yanez Ministries. He is also the general station manager of Revmedia Network and Director of RevMedia Publishing both which he founded. 



Almost Out of GraceAuthor's BioPurchase BookMinistry Endorsements